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  • Sothink HD Movie Maker works great, This slick, attractive-looking application helps you burn movies to DVD!
  • I am very pleased with your DVD creator software, Too easy. Great product, well done!!
  • It makes dvd movie excellent and they play on ALL of my 3 machines!!!!
  • I'm really surprised with the result brought by this program. Amazing!
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  • I was so satisfied with this DVD Creator software reviews and it works great.

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Burn Video to Blu-ray

The progress of converting and burning video to Blu-ray with Sothink HD Movie Maker is very easy. Just follow the step 123 and you will quickly get excellent quality Blu-ray movie you want.

Step 1. Add Files

Launch Sothink HD Movie Maker, go to Toolbar on the top of the program, click button “Add Files" to import video files you want to convert and burn. It supports almost all video formats and supports adding more than one video file at one time.

The video files added in will be listed in Details mode or Thumbnails mode. If you want to delete some video files, just select the video and click button "Remove". You may also click button "Move Up" or "Move Down" to change the videos' burning order.

Step 2. Select Target Disc Size

After adding video files, you need to set the target disc size before conversion and burning. Sothink HD Movie Maker can convert various video files to High-definition (HD) Blu-ray videos and burn the videos into DVD or Blu-ray Disc. The discs supported are DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, BD-R, BD-RE, etc..

If users choose "DVD-5" or "DVD-9" under "Target Disc Size" in the Settings panel, it actually burns out AVCHD. If users choose "BD-25" or "BD-50" under "Target Disc Size" in the Settings panel, it actually burns out BDMV.

Go to General Settings or Advanced Settings panel and set target disc size:

select profile

Click the arrow and select the target disc size from the drop down list. There are four options: "DVD-5 (4.7G)", "DVD-9 (8.5G)", "BD-25 (25G)" and "BD-50 (50G)".

Step 3. Create Movie Menu

By default, HD Movie Maker will automatically create movie menu for you to play the burnt Blu-ray or DVD disc better. You may customize the movie menu under "Movie Menu" panel. And if you do not need the menu, you just go to the panel and choose "No" under item "Create menu".

select profile

There are four setting items here: "General", "Title", "Button" and "Playback". If you do not do any setting under Movie Menu, the program will automatically create movie menu with the default settings.

Step 4. Burn Video to Blu-ray

Sothink HD Movie Maker first convert video files before burn them into disc. Make sure the checkbox besides the video files you want to convert and burn has been ticked.

Sothink HD Movie Maker supports burning movies to various discs like DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, BD-R and BD-RE, and it also supports burning movies to different target disc sizes like "DVD-5", "DVD-9", "BD-25" and "BD-50".


Click button "Burn" on the Toolbar, and then it starts video conversion.


Note: During the conversion progress, HD Movie Maker automatically creates a folder for saving temporary files. Make sure the folder is created in a hard disk with enough free space. Those temporary files folder and other settings of conversion are all set under dialog "Options".

rip dvd to video

When the video conversion is completed, it pops up a dialog and starts burning the generated video files to disc.


The burning function requires Windows XP SP2 or above versions. If the system doesn't meet the requirement, HD Movie Maker will automatically create a standard folder to store the generated Blu-ray movie.


If there is no disc in the drive, it pops up a dialog for prompting. However, if in the drive there is a disc in format of DVD+RW, DVD-RW or BD-RE, which is erasable and there is some data on the disc, the program will prompt to erase the old data before burning.

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